Echo Tour  Future Tour

Hong Kong first voice navigation tour. 

The Value of Echo Tour 

Our ECHO Tour team aims to become a Smart ECO Trip-advisor platform by development of a Virtual Tour Guide system for all travelers interested in Ecotourism. We share one common vision: to build up a high alert society for contributing and promoting ecological conservation and environmental education in Hong Kong with our passion, expertise and ambitions.


Our ECHO Tour team shares sincere love, respect and appreciation for nature and biodiversity. We hope our sincere passion can have a good use for educating public on environmental conservation, in the most casual and popular way.


With our academic backgrounds, we have also cooperated with an expert team OWLHK, who is equipped with professional knowledge in ecology, biodiversity and nature conservation of Hong Kong.


With our advanced technology and expertise, we will assist the public to learn about ecology and wildlife in the most convenient way, as well as to promote a pro-environment attitude and ecologically sustainable lifestyle, through our earnestly and thoughtfully designed education programmes.

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